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Pierre’s task is to help spread educational messages about nature, animals and their conservation. He has been lecturing around Europe and Asia since 2012 and authoring numerous articles and educational documents for his project and various media outlets (websites, forums, specialized magazines…) since 2007.

  • Lecturing (for universities, schools, associations, and events): Pierre is an enthusiastic and dedicated speaker who has raised awareness about conservation issues and inspired audiences around Europe and Asia to take action to help preserve the natural world and « the only home we have ever known » as Carl Sagan has said. His dynamic and engaging presentations are tailor-made to suit each audience (from school kids to students, adults, specialists…) and can include workshops on conservation education and animal identification.
  • Education services (creation of panels and other documents, about particular species or themes): Pierre has been designing educational materials about animal identification, zoology and wildlife conservation since 2010. His work has been used both in zoos and showcased on his website with over 2,000 species pages published.
  • Authoring services (documents, articles, reviews…): Pierre has authored more than 10 articles for magazines such as International Zoo News, Avicultural Magazine, Watchbird and other specialized magazines. His articles have also been published on various websites about animal conservation, zoos and zoology. Pierre is regularly adding new articles and educational documents on Pierre Wildlife’s website.

Hear from our clients

« Pierre’s knowledge and understanding of the latest studies in the scientific community and discoveries on animal species is integral to our work in developing educational content by ensuring we were putting the most accurate and up to date information out to our educators and students. »
Jeanna Sullivan
Education program manager, National Geographic Society (USA)

« Pierre has a lot of passion and zeal for his work, and it shows in his talk. It was not easy to approach the topic of zoos and conservation, but he did it with careful considerations and sensitivity »
Dr Wong Ee Phin, PhD
Nottingham University, Malaysia Campus (Malaysia)

« Pierre is an easy going being and very passionate about wildlife creatures ! His work on animal shots is also wonderful and his explanation is easily understood. His work is truly commendable »
Dr Juliana Aida Abu Bakar
School of Creative Industry Management & Performing Arts 
Universiti Utara Malaysia (Malaysia)

« I can confidently assert [Pierre] is richly qualified to craft unique materials for zoos, whether they be educational aids, guidebooks or other sorts of high concept « souvenirs », or websites. He will be immediately able to recognize and appreciates any institution’s unique attributes, and will emphasize these in his products. Anything he is commissioned to create will reflect the best features of any animal collection that employs him. »
Josef H. Lindholm, III
Curator of Birds, Tulsa Zoo, OK (USA)


« As a student in a zookeeping school, I was lucky to attend Pierre de Chabannes’ workshop for a full day. This day was one of the most instructive from a scientific and technical point of view. Pierre was a great host, being accessible, passionate and knowing how to share his knowledge of the natural world »
Amélie Depoorter
Student, Formation Soigneur Animalier, Lycée Saint Joseph, Bucquoy (France)

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