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Singapore WRS - Chabannes

The correct identification of animal species and subspecies is one of Pierre’s trademarks. He is sometimes referred to as « The man who eats scientific names » and known for his articles about accurate species identification from zoological collections, featured on Pierre Wildlife’s website and in specialized magazines. Pierre is a valuable asset to all zoological collections and associations who are willing to take animal species inventories seriously.

  • Species identification services: Identification on site or from emails and photographs. Identification skills well known and used by National Geographic, photographers, breeders, zoos and conservation organizations on a constant basis since 2010. Benefit from Pierre’s experience and renowned accuracy.
  • Inventory services: Inventory creation and proofing. Creation of accurate and dynamic inventories in animal collections around the world, from zoos (Zoo Negara, Zoo Taiping) and Aquariums (Aquarium de Vendée) to private collections (SARL C. Roels in France).
  • Exhibit population services: Recommendations on particular animal species to display in all kinds of settings, according to the facilities, species status in the wild, availability and keepers’ skills. Advisory on species with significant conservation, display and education value.

Hear from our clients

« Pierre and I have worked together for several years now, and I’ve never met anyone like him. His depth of knowledge about taxonomy, and of the world’s zoo collections, is unparalleled. He is cheerful and helpful, with boundless energy and enthusiasm for the natural world. In short, we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have him working on our team here at the National Geographic Photo Ark. »
Joel Sartore
Founder of Photo Ark, National Geographic fellow and Photographer (USA)

« As collection manager of the aquarium, I entrusted Pierre with the following missions […] – Auditing the aquarium’s current situation and animal collection – Active participation to the creation of a new collection plan. Mr. Pierre de Chabannes executed these tasks with enthusiasm, dynamism and professionalism, sharing the considerable depth of his knowledge of the animal kingdom […] »
Pascal Coutand
Former director and collection manager, Aquarium de Vendée (France)

« Pierre’s dedication for animals has really inspired us to uphold the importance of wildlife conservation and rehabilitation. His knowledge on the different animal species has really made a huge impact on wildlife and how we are able to expand our horizons into taking care of animals overall. His contributions in the identification of particular animal species made our veterinary care, ecology and nutrition more in-depth, and specifically address the needs of each different species. »
Dr Gideon Salcedo
Veterinarian, Davao Crocodile Park (Philippines)

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